1. TEXCA Wall lightweight concrete wall panel

TEXCA Wall is a lightweight concrete wall panel reinforced with TEXCA ceramic aggregate that is light in weight but higher in strength when compared to other lightweight aggregate materials. TEXCA Wall has the specialty of high strength, lightweight, excellent performance of thermal insulation, acoustic, fire resistance, and low water absorption.

TEXCA Wall installation process is quick and easy. Unlike traditional masonry, there is no need for stiffener or lintel. M&E work is also convenient as pipes and conduits can be installed through the hollow cores. TEXCA Wall is a true solution for all types of wall construction.

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2. Benefits of TEXCA Wall


3.TEXCA Wall installation

1. Mark position with laser


2. Insert stopper, cylinder foam and 90° steel sheet

3. Apply cement adhesive

4. Install panel

5. Fix 90° steel sheet to concrete ceiling

6. Fill the gap below panel with mortar

7. Fill the gap above panel with PU foam

8. Insert shear key

9. Apply fiberglass mesh

10. Skim coat